The #PayClassicsForward Challenge

I discovered the #PayClassicsForward Challenge on Aurora’s wonderful blog Once Upon a Screen (Click HERE to see the challenge!) and I thought it would be a fun challenge to take on this holiday season!

So here’s the challenge: There are 12 categories (in the same tradition as the 12 days of Christmas) that can literally be anything related to the movies. It’s all about creativity here which was a huge part of the fun! The idea is to spread the love of classic movies to others and particularly to those who are not already classic movie diehards like the rest of us. Therefore, if you are a serious classic movie fan, these movies probably won’t surprise you or be new to you. However, they are movies that I felt could be enjoyed by everybody, even by those who are not as accustomed to watching old movies.

My twelve topics were chosen pretty randomly so I wouldn’t dare you to try to make sense of it but I’ve tried to cover most genres and subjects to try to encompass all interests. I kept descriptions short and only posted one photo per film. I’ve also made sure that I chose titles that are easily available to watch. You can click each title and it will take you to the IMDb page if you are interested in more information on the film.

As TCM would say… Let’s Movie!

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Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents: Buster Keaton

In 1954, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr had the opportunity to work with a legend from the silent screen: Buster Keaton. Despite having known many of the great silent stars through his father, Fairbanks had met Keaton only a handful of times. He briefly met Keaton in the 1920s and again in the 1930s to make the French version of Keaton’s 1932 film, The Passionate Plumber, or Le Plombier Amoureaux. 

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The Beginning of a Star

Around 1922, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. was offered his first film contract by the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, also known as Paramount Pictures. The contract called for one trial film with four year options. At the time, Fairbanks Jr. and his mother were in need of money and the film industry seemed to be the next natural move for a family familiar with show business.

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