“Douglas Fairbanks, Junior, is no longer the son of his father”

In 1930, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. told The New Movie Magazine the story of the life-changing moment that he realized he wanted to break free of the Fairbanks name.

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The #PayClassicsForward Challenge

I discovered the #PayClassicsForward Challenge on Aurora’s wonderful blog Once Upon a Screen (Click HERE to see the challenge!) and I thought it would be a fun challenge to take on this holiday season!

So here’s the challenge: There are 12 categories (in the same tradition as the 12 days of Christmas) that can literally be anything related to the movies. It’s all about creativity here which was a huge part of the fun! The idea is to spread the love of classic movies to others and particularly to those who are not already classic movie diehards like the rest of us. Therefore, if you are a serious classic movie fan, these movies probably won’t surprise you or be new to you. However, they are movies that I felt could be enjoyed by everybody, even by those who are not as accustomed to watching old movies.

My twelve topics were chosen pretty randomly so I wouldn’t dare you to try to make sense of it but I’ve tried to cover most genres and subjects to try to encompass all interests. I kept descriptions short and only posted one photo per film. I’ve also made sure that I chose titles that are easily available to watch. You can click each title and it will take you to the IMDb page if you are interested in more information on the film.

As TCM would say… Let’s Movie!

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The Costumes of Cinema’s First Swashbuckling Hero

In the 1920s, Douglas Fairbanks found great success in and popularized the costumed hero. Never before had moviegoers seen such a spirited, all-American, brawny man dash across the screen in such a dazzling manner. It drew movie fans in and resulted in Fairbanks becoming dubbed the King of Hollywood. Despite his reluctance to become a costumed hero, Fairbanks has been immortalized in film history as the first swashbuckling hero of the silver screen and set the standard for future generations of movie heroes.

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Seeing Double: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., in The Corsican Brothers

What could possibly be better than a movie starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.? Why, a movie starring two of him! And that is just what The Corsican Brothers gives us. Fairbanks plays a set of swashbuckling twins tragically torn apart at birth after the cold-blooded murder of their royal parents. It marks the first time Fairbanks played a hero swashbuckler and he more than proves his ability!

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John Barrymore: A Real Life Jeckyll and Hyde

Two traits are often mentioned alongside the name John Barrymore: First, that he is one of the greatest American actors who ever lived. And secondly, that he was an alcoholic who lived a highly publicized and tumultuous life. Like many great artists, Barrymore was plagued by an inner darkness that ultimately led to his demise. But if there is anything I’ve learned about the great John Barrymore through Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., it is that he truly was a class act. In a sense, Barrymore was a real life Jeckyll and Hyde. For Douglas, he shunned away his worst traits and presented an illusion of greatness to the young devotee.

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